We’ve seen a lot of changes in the industry since we started in 1999. When we started our industry didn’t even have a name..

What does a Buyer’s Agent do and how can they assist you in purchasing a property? Do I really need one? Find out more.

Crows Nest Woolworths

Where do we see opportunities to invest in property on the lower north shore? Here’s some of our tips


What is gazumping and how can you help reduce the risk of it happening to you?

We acted as Buyers Agents for our interstate client in Beecroft and purchased a lovely home in this fabulous suburb to watch..


What is underquoting and how do I know if an agent is underquoting the price on a property I’m looking at?

property industry reforms

Agents will have clearer rules as a result of underquoting reforms as part of the proposed property industry reforms..

significant investor visa

Find out more information about the NSW Significant Investor visa for overseas citizens..

worlds most expensive homes

And you thought Sydney real estate was expensive. Learn about the ten most expensive homes around the world..

granny flat

Add a granny flat to your property and rent it separately, resulting in an increased yield and good depreciation benefits.