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Sales Advisory Service – Free of Charge to Clients

Homesearch Solutions is one of Sydney’s longest operating Buyers Agents.  Over the years we have assisted many clients in their purchase of a home or investment property.

Many of our past clients approached us for advice when it came to selling their property.   They found the assistance we could offer them invaluable and this led us to create a specialised service for those selling a property – Appoint an Agent Sales Advisory Service.  

This is a FREE service for the property seller.

Why use a Sales Advisory Service (Vendors Advocate) ?

Selling a home of investment property can be a very stressful process.  Selecting the best agent is vital.  You need an agent that you can trust to act in your best interests in all aspects of your property sale. This will maximize the price you achieve.  Mistakes can be costly.

We have dealt with countless selling agents since 1999 and we know first hand which agents are diligent, successful and professional, and which ones are not.  Our expertise will help you appoint the best agent to sell your home or investment property.

Our Appoint an Agent Sales Advisory Service is free of charge to you.  We can achieve this by sharing a small proportion of the commission that you pay the selling agent with the selling agent.  This means no additional cost to you other than the standard, agreed commission that you pay the selling agent.  Shared commissions are a perfectly normal practice within the real estate industry, if they are properly disclosed to all relevant parties.

What Does The Process Involve?

  • We provide you with an independent, honest market price appraisal of the property, justified by comparable recent sales and our intimate knowledge of the market in your area
  • We will select a local selling agent that we believe is most likely to achieve your objectives (based on overall approach, price appraisal, method of sale, marketing recommendations and commission rates)
  • We will advise you on marketing methods and costs to ensure expenditure is worthwhile and targeted appropriately
  • We will overview the selling campaign, ensuring that the agent  is on track and providing you with regular progress updates
  • When offers are are submitted to you via the selling agent (either during the auction campaign, or as part of the private treaty process) we will give our opinion on whether these are in your best interest
  • We will advise you with the exchange of contracts process, and any other relevant matters through until settlement.

Please note that in the unlikely event of our buying clients being interested in any properties that we are providing a selling advisory service for, full disclosure would immediately be made to avoid a potential conflict of interest. 3rd parties would be involved to assist in this situation.

For more information visit Appoint an Agent.

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