Why Use Homesearch Solutions

You may be wondering – why use us as your Sydney Buyers Agent?

Most people employ a selling agent to sell their house and pay around a 2% commission for a job that often only takes a month (for an auction campaign).  The purchase of a property is a far more complex and time consuming task. For most people this is the largest financial outlay they will ever make, so it stands to reason that professional advice is very important.

A buyers agent (otherwise know as a buyers advocate) works exclusively for the buyer in the property transaction. A reputable buyers agent does not receive any renumeration or commission from a selling agent or the vendor of a property.  This ensures you get independent, impartial advice that is in your best interests – 100%.

Take advantage of over 23 years expertise and market knowledge

Homesearch Solutions commenced operations in 1999 as one of the very first buyers agents in Sydney. Over this period we have purchased hundreds of properties on behalf of clients with a value of over $1.5 Billion worth of property, and inspected or appraised countless thousands of other properties.  You can therefore feel confident that we are highly experienced and have unparalleled market knowledge.

You will be represented by a professional to counter the selling agent

The legal and ethical obligation of the selling agent is to the vendor, not you the buyer. Therefore the selling agent cannot represent you regardless of any rhetoric that you may hear, and will be working to get the best price & terms for their client. By employing us as your advocate, we will work to swing the pendulum back in your favour in the property purchase.

Homesearch Solutions will save you valuable time & effort

We know that your time is valuable. That is why we take the time to really understand the type of property that you are searching for. We will then search the market to find suitable properties that meet those needs, and we inspect each property before recommending only suitable places for you to view.  That way, you do not need to waste your time looking at properties that do not meet your unique requirements, and can instead enjoy your leisure time or concentrate on your work.

For most people the search to buy a property will take months and even years.  The average time it has taken our clients to buy a property is around 6 weeks and often faster than that.

Homesearch Solutions rates are upfront, fixed & competitive

We pride ourselves on achieving exceptional service levels and results for our clients at a reasonable rate – we offer generally more competitive rates than many other Sydney Buyer’s Agents with a very high level of customer satisfaction. Our fees are fixed at the commencement of the search and there are never any nasty surprises.

You will experience less stress during your property purchase

The process of buying a property can be a very stressful experience, especially when confronted with skilled or deceptive selling agents raising your expectations,  often ending in disappointment, frustration and wasted money.  We will give you an assessment of how realistic each property is, taking your budget into account. We will do all of the groundwork, negotiations & due diligence with the selling agents. This means that you can enjoy your leisure & work life without the hassles generally involved in the purchase.

Homesearch Solutions can save you money

We work on a fixed fee rather than a commission.  This eliminates any monetary incentive for us if you purchase a property at the higher end of your budget. Our aim is to save you money and we will be able to identify and present properties that you may not have been able to locate yourself.  We pride ourselves on having been able to save our client’s up to hundreds of thousands of dollars off their initial budgets by being able to locate these cheaper properties.

Our negotiation and auction bidding skills are second to none.  We know the tricks real estate agents use to push up prices and we are constantly striving to enable you to purchase at the lowest possible price.

Engaging us to bid on your property at auction ensures that you do not make the common mistake of paying too much for a property due to emotion, rather than keeping to the realistic valuation.

You will gain access to Non-Advertised Silent Listings and preview inspections

We have built up strong relationships with local agents over the last 18+ years. We are in regular contact and are constantly updated on properties that are for sale but are not advertised (off market properties).

When we commence the property search for clients we email and/or phone all of the selling agents in the search area. This can enable us to be able to access these “Non-Advertised Listings” as well as being able to inspect properties before their official public inspection dates. Early offers can often secure the property before the competition gets their opportunity.

We are constantly on the lookout

We know that when you have a busy life full of commitments, you can miss properties that may have met your needs.  This can be frustrating and prolong your search.  We are looking full time to find you a suitable home or investment property. We liaise with you every step of the way to ensure that you are kept fully up to date with the progress of the search.

Homesearch Solutions is a one stop service

We can arrange all of the additional services that are required to complete the purchase of your home. Homesearch Solutions can organise building inspections, pest inspections, strata reports, conveyancing, finance, architects, property management for investors, and other necessary services.

We can offer you confidentiality in your purchase

From the first enquiry through to completion, your identity can remain confidential if required. We have represented judges, senior business people & celebrities, who do not want the media or anyone else to scrutinise their purchase.

We are not in the business of selling property

We are a service that works for you, and no one else in the transaction. We have never acted directly as selling agents and we do not work for, nor do we have any ties with any real estate agent or developer.

Importantly we will not push you into buying a property just to get the deal completed.  If you are not completely satisfied with any property that we have recommended to you as suitable, we will simply leave it and move onto the next one.  We importantly respect your maximum price limits and will not try to convince you to spend more.

We are professionally insured

Homesearch Solutions is covered by full public liability and indemnity insurance.

Real Estate Institute of NSW

Henry Wilkinson served on the Buyer’s Agents Chapter Committee between 2009 and 2011.

Henry Wilkinson was a finalist for the 2010 & 2011 NSW Real Estate Institute Awards for Excellence REINSW Awards Buyers Agent in the Buyers Agent Category (the only 2 years we participated in the awards).

Longstanding members of the Real Estate Buyers Agents of Australia (REBAA)

Homesearch Solutions is a member of REBAA Members of the Real Estate Buyers Agents of Australia (REBAA), which is the main Australian body of professional real estate buyer’s agents. The body has a code of standards and ethics and helps to raise the profile of buyer’s agents in Australia.

Principal Henry Wilkinson served on the executive committee of REBAA for over 4 years as Treasurer between 2007 & 2011.

Our firm is fully licensed

Homesearch Property Group Pty Ltd holds a corporation real estate licence. In addition, director Henry Wilkinson holds a full real estate agents licence.

Click OFT website to view both licences.

Deal only with the principals

At Homesearch Solutions you will only be dealing with the Principals of the business ensuring a high level of service and standards.

Homesearch Solutions is a small firm that prides itself on a personal & professional service, and you will be guaranteed full attention from start to finish.

Our aim is to provide the best service and results, not to be the biggest buyers agency.

Who benefits from Homesearch Solutions services?

  • Those with limited experience in purchasing a property. It can be a minefield navigating your way around everything that needs to be done so it makes sense to engage an expert
  • Those needing to purchase quickly. We know how to purchase property – it’s what we do all day
  • Overseas, interstate & regional buyers who are physically unable to look at properties
  • Time poor executives, working couples or families
  • Property investors looking for information and advice on maximising their property return and capital growth potential
  • Those seeking confidentiality for any number of reasons
  • Buyers not wanting to deal directly with selling agents
  • Anyone intimidated by auctions

Homesearch Solutions Buyers Agent Services

Full Search Service

Property Appraisal

Auction Bidding

sales advisory

If you’d like to find out how Homesearch Solutions can assist you with your property purchase, please fill out your details below and we will be in contact with you to discuss your needs.