Property Appraisal Report

Homesearch Solutions Property Appraisal Reports

Our Property Appraisal Report is an independent appraisal of a property that has been found by you.

The report is very thorough and it is designed to make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Property Inspection & Evaluation

Firstly we will inspect the property & surrounds and digital photographs will be taken. Homesearch Solutions will analyse all internal, external and surrounding areas and evaluate the positives and negatives of the property.

Market & Property Sales Analysis

The report will include sales history and ownership, recent comparable sales and current listings using information from APM Price Finder. We will include web links to these properties and an analysis comparing them to the property of interest.

Also included is an analysis of suburb demographics and amenities, historical median price statistics and movements.

Other Investigations

We will undertake other investigations with the sales agent and the local council.  This will help to uncover any relevant issues or zoning/development activities that could either positively or negatively impact the sale.

Property Appraisal

Finally we will give an appraisal of the market price for your property.

Your Property Appraisal Report will usually be available within 24 hours of ordering.


Property Appraisal Reports start at $800 (inc GST) and will vary depending on the value, location and complexity.

Please phone us for a no obligation consultation on 61 2 9958 4815 or email  Just let us know the details of the property of interest. We’ll then provide you with a formal quotation for your Property Appraisal Report.

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Property Appraisal Report Quotation