Buyers Agent Fees & Services

Buyers Agent Services & Fees

Homesearch Solutions Buyers Agent Fees are detailed below.

Our fees are transparent and there are no nasty surprises.  You will receive a fixed quote in writing before you sign up to any of our services.

Full Property Search Service

Our objective is transparency.  We want to be clear up front so there to be no hidden or nasty surprises.  All our Fees include GST of 10% .

Our charges are the same for all types of buyers (home or investment, local, interstate or overseas).

Our charges for the full Property Search Service come in 2 stages.

  1. A non-refundable retainer to engage our services. This is to cover our initial and ongoing time and costs in the search.
  2. A final success fee, which is payable only when you have purchased a property, and exchanged contracts.

Our schedule of fees is below  (& includes 10% GST).

Budget Retainer
(incl GST)
Final Success Fee
(incl GST)
(incl GST)
Up to $1M $5,000 $10,000 $15,000
$1M to $1.5M $5,000 $13,000 $18,000
$1.5M to $2M $5,000 $17,000 $22,000
$2M to $2.5M $5,000 $21,000 $26,000
$2.5M to $3M $5,000 $26,000 $31,000
$3M to $4M $5,000 $30,000 $35,000
Over $4M $5,000 We will advise a fixed price

Auction Bidding

Successful Attendance $1,500.00 (inc GST)
Attendance without Success $750.00 (inc GST)

Property Appraisal Reports

Property Appraisal Reports start at $800 (inc GST) for certain units, and higher for houses depending on the value, location and complexity.

Negotiation Assistance

Please phone us on 9958 4815 or email admin@homesearchsolutions with details on the property of interest. We can then provide you with a formal quotation.

Homesearch Solutions Buyers Agent Services

Full Search Service

Property Appraisal

Auction Bidding

Sales Advisory

If you’d like to find out how Homesearch Solutions can assist you with your property purchase, please fill out your details below and we will be in contact with you to discuss your needs.