Auction Bidding Service

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Auction Bidding Service

If you’ve already located a home or investment property in Sydney, our Auction Bidding Service can provide you with professional assistance on auction day.  We understand that the auction process can be complex and highly competitive, which is why our service is designed to help you navigate it successfully.

We’ll provide you with invaluable advice and support, working closely with you to develop a bidding strategy that maximises your chances of securing the property.

With our help, you can approach auction day with confidence and peace of mind.

Who Benefits from our Auction Bidding Service?

  • Buyers stressed by auctions

    It’s perfectly normal to be stressed by the thought of having to bid at an auction. In fact most people are!

    Part of the stress of buying a property at auction is from lack of experience and knowledge. That’s where we come in.

    We’ll explain the whole process to you and ensure you have everything in order for auction day.  We will help you determine your  limit and prepare a bidding strategy.  On auction day, we will use our expertise to ensure you get the best chance of success.  You don’t even have to be there if you don’t want to.

  • Buyers Needing Confidentiality

    There are a number of reasons you might want to maintain confidentiality. Perhaps you are known to the vendor, and that may impact your negotiating position. You’re someone that will be recognised, or you may have made a pre auction offer that has been rejected.

    We are able to bid for you without the need to disclose your identity until the hammer has fallen on auction day.

  • Buyers Unable To Attend The Auction

    Many clients use our service because they are simply unavailable on auction day.  Prior engagements or geographical location are common occurrences but are definitely not a problem.  We have bid at auction hundreds of time for clients who are not present.

  • Emotional Buyers

    Our service will help you to stick to your budget.  We have seen so many examples of purchasers paying way more than intended when caught up in the emotion and the frenzy of the auction placing themselves in financial stress in the process.  By appointing us to bid for you the temptation to overbid is mitigated.

What is the cost of our Auction Bidding Service?

Get in touch

Please Contact Us for a no obligation quotation.  Just let us know the details of the property of interest below and we’ll give you a fixed price in writing.

Not ready yet to use our Auction Bidding Service?  Visit our Buyers Tips for some strategies to help you on auction day.

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