Auction Bidding Service

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Auction Bidding Service

The Homesearch Solutions Auction Bidding Service is designed for those who have located a home or investment property in Sydney themselves, but require professional assistance with bidding at Auction.

Many people find the Auction process is daunting and very stressful.  This is where we can help.

Our Auction Bidding Service is perfect for those with limited or no experience with auctions. We will explain the process in depth and ensure that you have everything in order for auction day. We have  been bidding at auction for our clients since 1999 and we know the best strategies to help you win.

Not available on Auction Day?

Many clients use our service because they are unavailable on auction day. Prior engagements or geographical location (interstate or overseas) are common occurrences but are definitely not a problem.  We have all of the necessary processes & legal documentation in place, and have bid at auction hundreds of time for clients who are not present.

Need Confidentiality?

The Auction Bidding Service is also useful for anyone wanting to maintain confidentiality. We can bid for you without the need to disclose your identity which is particularly useful for clients who have made a pre-auction offer .

Our service will help you to stick to your budget. We have seen so many examples of purchasers paying way more than intended when caught up in the emotion and the frenzy of the auction placing themselves in financial stress in the process.  By appointing us to bid for you the temptation to overbid is removed.

Auction Bidding Service – Fees

Please phone us for a no obligation quotation on 61 2 9958 4815 or email admin@homesearchsolutions.  Just let us know the details of the property of interest, which will be kept strictly confidential.

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