Sydney flight paths

For those looking to purchase a property in Sydney, a useful web link for the main Sydney flight paths on Google Maps is here.

Purchasing Property and Sydney Flight Paths

It’s important to know before you purchase your home or investment whether you will be affected by the flight path and therefore aircraft noise.

sydney flight pathsSydney Airport is located at Mascot, about 8km from the city centre. At this stage it is the primary airport servicing Sydney for both domestic and international flights.

In order to help minimise the impact of aircraft noise on nearby residents,  a curfew is in operation at Sydney Airport between 11pm and 6am.  While the curfew does not prevent all aircraft during this time it does restrict the types of aircraft that can operate and the number of flights allowed.   All aircraft operating during the curfew are required to take off or land over Botany Bay.   A limited number of international passenger jet aircraft are also permitted to land between 5.00am and 6.00am during the northern hemisphere summer months.

When considering the purchase of property affected by Sydney flight paths :

  1. Check how close the property is to the airport. The closer it is in general and the closer to the path of planes particularly taking off, the greater the impact on noise.
  2. Visit the property on different days, at different times of the day and if possible when the wind is blowing in different directions.  Listen.
  3. Talk to locals. See what their perception of noise in the area is and ask about seasonal variations in noise levels.
  4. Look to see if houses have installed noise insulation. If yes, then the likelihood of problematic aircraft noise is higher.

While buying a property affected by aircraft noise can be a deterrent for many, it can be an advantage for others.  There are usually price advantages for purchasing under the flight path, plus if you are a frequent traveller it is particularly convenient for access to the airport!

sydney flight paths

Sydney flight paths from Google

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